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Lexia Diagbox Full Chip in French Last Model 2022 Full Version On

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Diagbox V9.68 Full Chip Last Model 2022 offers you several automobile suitcases. We offer you the best selections of the market to diagnose a failure. Our new Full Chip diagrabox is a car diagnostic device especially for your car from the Peugeot and Citroën brand.

With the progress of the new technology, there is no need to make an appointment with its garages or wasting time to go to the garage of the neighborhood. From now on, with diagnostic tools offered by, you have the turnkey for repairs to your car. 

The Full Chip Diagbox V9.68 is the most efficient diagnostic tool for your 1995 cars. This is the best in terms of quality to make a complete diagnosis. It will not only make your life easier, but it will also teach you to do your car diagnosis for yourself.

This diag tool will help you repair or troubleshoot your vehicle quickly without requesting the designer help. This diagnostic software has a very practical interface and composed of different very simple tabs to handle. It facilitates the realization of a car diag. Having a nice car with a nice color is not enough, it is rather its interior that counts the most for a vehicle.  It is with this in mind that we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the best tool for your car. 


The new Diagbox V9.68 Full Chip analysis tool is available to help you diagnose your car or commercial vehicles. The Multi-Card Diagbox Full Chip Case is a diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of different Peugeot and Citroën brand vehicles. 

The default tool Diagbox Full Chip Last Model 2022 comes with PP2000 installation software for these two car brands. This software is given in CD format with an activated license and an installation tutorial. You can activate it on your desktop computer or laptop with a compatible operating system. 

With this Diagbox V9.68 suitcase, you can now make a complete diagnosis of your car. The surplus is the fact of being able to anticipate and at the same time find by yourself the adequate resolution of your failure. This new auto diagnostic suitcase is very convenient and very easy to use. All the faults of your vehicle will be easily detected thanks to this tool. You can even become an automotive garage expert with the use of this complete tool. A real experience without spending years of training in automotive mechanics. 

Diagbox Suitcase: What are its features?

The new diagbox diagnostic suitcase has several features. To discover them, you must first login. The PSA XS Full Chip interface connects to your vehicle by taking the OBD2 connector from your vehicles and by your computer.

You have three OBD and OBD2 jacks in your car to make your connection to your Full Chip diagrabox. Besides, you can refer to the tutorial included in your pack to facilitate your handling. 

As soon as you land at the XS Full Chip interface, you will have the 6 navigation tabs. Depending on your needs, these tabs can be helpful to you. We distinguish in particular:

  • The welcome: which presents the diagnostic suitcase offers and all other tools for diagnostics for commercial, lightweight vehicles or even trucks.
  • Diagnosis: To start an electronic engine diagnosis, or to bring you some repair tips.
  • Experts: This is the ideal tab to have technical advice, recommendations for use compared to our products.
  • The documentation: to help you inform you about all the proposed diagnostic tools.
  • Take measures
  • Reports. 

The interface has been designed so that all users can have the most simplified and very fluid navigation. With this interface, you also have the option to choose for the desired installation type.

Our technical assistance has two types of installation: the guided automotive diagnosis for beginners and the expert diagnosis for those already in total control. 

Let's see a little how to make a diagnosis with the main systems with vehicles with our Diag Diagbox, PP2000, and Lexia 3 tool:

  • Create double keys
  • Test the anti-start
  • Reset the maintenance and drain counter
  • Set scanned winter and summer tires
  • Set or check the status of each airbag of your security
  • Set and check the status of recoil radar activation for your safety
  • Diagnose ABS calculators, ESP
  • Activate the self-radio

Diagbox V9.68 Full Chip and Compatibility

Many cars are compatible with this new version of the Diagbox V9.68 Full Chip. Most of all brands and models are compatible there. The Peugeot and Citroën brand is at the top of the list. In any case, regardless of the type of your car, you can enjoy these diagnostic tools. 

  • PEUGEOT: ION, 107, 108, 206, 207, 207+, 280, 301, Hoggar, 307, 308, RCZ 407, 408, 508, 2008, 3008, 4007, 4008, 5008, Bipper , Partner, Expert, 106, 205, 306 ....
  • CITROËN: C-zero, C1, C2, C3, C3 Picasso, DS3, C-Elyssee, C4, Cactus, C4 Picasso, DS4, DS 5LS, C5, DS5, C6, C8, C-Crosser, C4, Aircross , Nemo, Berlingo, Jumpy, Jumper, Ax, Saxo, BX, ZX, XSARA, Xantia, XM, Evasion, C15, Fukangfukang 988, Elysee, C-Elysee (R3), C-triumph ...

With regard to operating systems, be aware that your new diagrabox is also compatible with some systems. We distinguish the Windows XP system and the Windows 7 with 32 bits. To make an effective diagnosis, it is strongly recommended to use your tool with a 64-bit Windows 10. Your diagrabox will be more efficient with a recent system. 

The contents of the pack

Upon delivery of your order, you will have some accessories in your package:

  • VCI Diagbox Full Chip 9.68 with the chip 921815C NEC of the last model
  • The French CD ROM V7.83 provided with a complete and activated license
  • The 2 USB cables long OBD cable
  • The English instructions for a complete installation with Windows 10 64-bit
  • A manual of your diagrabox

With this comprehensive equipment, you can install your diagrabox independently.

You can also make a self diag. Of course, our technical assistance is always at your disposal at the slightest difficulty at the diagnostic system.

You just have to contact us to make an appointment or compose our customer service to have a technical advisor to answer all your questions.